Transfer of the competence of approval

These are the rules and terms for transfer of the competence of approval from the Danish FSA to another competent authority within the EU.

The transfer is effected by the issuer sending a request to the FSA together with supporting documentation about the company and, where relevant, the contemplated issue. Then the FSA assesses the request and takes a decision based on this. When the FSA has approved the request, the FSA forwards the decision on transfer of the competence of approval together with the documentation to the competent authority to which transfer has been requested. The FSA informs the issuer of the decision no later than three working days after taking the decision. 

The issuer must use the FSA’s standard form for requesting transfer of the competence of approval. 

Standard form for request for transfer of approval

The standard form must include the following information:

  • Information about issuer 
  • Name and address of the competent authority to which the competence of approval should be transferred
  • Background for the request
  • Type of security
  • In case of offers to the public:
    o Information about the investors to whom the offer is addressed, including whether the offer is addressed to Danish investors
    o Amount of the offer, including number of securities and offer price
    o In case of issue of non-equity securities: Information about nominal value and minimum size per investment

Supporting documentation

Besides the standard form, the issuer forwarding the request must forward a brief description of the company and its operations. Together with any other documentation forwarded, the description will be forwarded to the receiving competent authority. 

Last updated 30-05-2023