The Danish FSA register of covered bonds and covered mortgage-credit bonds (SDOs/SDROs)

The Danish FSA keeps an electronic register of each issue of SDOs/SDROs, based on notifications by the issuer to the Danish FSA. 

The Danish FSA Insurance Agency Register

The register was last updated on June 13, 2013.

The Danish FSA Insurance and Reinsurance Broker Register

The register was last updated on 22 October 2012. 

The Danish Insurance Association’s Insurance Agency Register

The Danish FSA has issued an Executive Order in pursuance of section 27(3) of the Insurance Mediation Act which allows the individual insurance company to enter into agreement with the Danish Insurance Association on keeping the register in question.

Groups of banks

Banks are divided by different groups in Denmark. The banks are divided by group according to the size of working capital.

Systems registered as third country systems in accordance with sections 164(2), 169(2) and 174(3) of the Danish Capital Markets Act

The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (the Danish FSA) can register clearing and settlement systems as third country systems in accordance with the Danish Capital Markets Act.

List of issuers of covered bonds

On this page, you will find a list of which credit institutions are permitted to issue covered bonds.