A selection of translated acts and consolidating acts within the Danish FSA's area of expertise are available here. Please be informed that some acts may have been updated since the translation.

For a complete list of current legislation within the Danish FSA's area of expertise, see our Collection of Laws (only in Danish).

Please note that only the Danish versions have legal validity.

Click on the name of the act in order to download it in pdf-format.

Translated Acts and Consolidating Acts

Number and date Name
 Act no. 41 of 22 January 2018 Insurance Mediation Act
Consolidating Act no. 457 of 24 April 2019 Financial Business Act
Consolidating Act no. 1188 of 19 September 2018 as amended by section 1 of Act no. 1166 of 8 June 2021 Mortgage-Credit Loans and Mortgage-Credit Bonds etc. Act
Consolidating Act no. 1051 of 25 August 2015 Investment Associations etc. Act 
Act no. 1782 of 27 December 2020 Act on Measures to Prevent Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism
Consolidating Act no. 855 of 17 August 2012 Securities Trading, etc. Act 
Act no.456 of
18 May 2011
Investment Associations, etc. Act 
Act no. 932 of 6 September 2019  Guarantee Fund for Non-life Insures Act 
 Act no. 650 of 8 June 2017 Capital Markets Act
Act no. 718 of 13/06/2023 Act on insurance business in multi-employer occupational pension funds, life assurance undertakings and non-life insurance undertakings, etc. (The Danish Insurance Business Act)


Last updated 14-03-2023