Who are we, and what is our purpose?

The government has decided to make it easier for fintech startups to get started in Denmark. Thus, the Danish FSA has created a dedicated fintech team unit the Division of Fintech, Payment Services and Governance.

In this unit, the Danish FSA’s competencies within fintech have been gathered as well as the responsibility of the activities of the area.

The main purpose is to make it easier and more attractive to establish a fintech start up in Denmark. Amongst other things, this will be accomplished by ensuring easier navigation in the financial regulation.

The unit will also strive to ensure that growth and regulation pull in the same direction. This is to happen through: 

  • minimising regulatory uncertainty for financial companies utilising new technology
  • helping and guiding financial startups through the process of obtaining a license

To achieve this, the fintech-team will continuously enter into dialogue with the startup community in the financial sector, specifically with a focus on the use of new technology, but the initiative is not limited to entrepreneurs. Established financial institutions who work together with fintechs, or who want to launch new services based on new technology, will also be able to make use of the guidance of the fintech unit. 

The fintech unit will focus on five different areas, which you can read more about on this page, but in short, they are:

  • Guidance
  • Handheld supervision
  • FT Lab (regulatory sandbox)
  • Fintech Forum
  • International cooperation 
Last updated 06-09-2019