Fintech conference 2019

On 4 December 2019 the Danish FSA hosted a fintech conference. Read more and find the presentations of the speakers here. Also, find our discussion paper on the subjects open banking, crypto assets and big tech. We would very much like to hear your views on this! Deadline is 17 February 2020.

Over the last decade, the pace of technological developments in the financial sector has accelerated markedly, in Denmark and globally.

On 4 December 2019, the Danish FSA hosted a fintech conference in Copenhagen. The four themes of the conference were:

  • regulators – role and responsibilities
  • open banking
  • crypto assets
  • big tech

On the one hand, the technological development carries a number of positive effects, such as the potential for increased competition, better and cheaper products for consumers and optimised processes internally for financial companies. On the other hand, the increased use of technology and internet-based business models poses a number of new business and operational risks or exacerbates existing risks.

This challenges the financial regulation, which is traditionally aligned with existing business models in established financial institutions, and causes new considerations for the financial supervision.


You can find the final programme here.

The presentations that the speakers have permitted us to publish, you will find here:

Regulator - Roles & Responsibilities

Open banking (part 1)

Open banking (part 2) and crypto assets

 Big tech and Key tech-aways 

Deadline for consultation on the discussion paper

Prior to the conference, the Danish FSA published a discussion paper on the four topics addressed at the conference. The paper was published in Danish 29 October 2019 and an English version was published 26 November 2019. You can find the Danish paper here and the English version here.

We welcome any comments to the discussion paper - either on all four topics or just some of them. Comments can be sent in Danish or English. Please send your comments to

The deadline is 15 February 2020. However, since 15 February is a Saturday, comments are received in time if they are mailed to us by the 17 February 2020 COB.  

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