International cooperation

The fintech unit works for a close cooperation within in the European Union - and especially in the Nordics.The Danish FSA has also established a fintech bridge between Singapore and Denmark, through which knowledge and experience is being shared.

National borders do not confine financial innovation. If Danish fintech companies are to grow, it is necessary that they have the best possible access to expand their businesses outside the borders of Denmark.

The Danish FSA will therefore seek closer cooperation with the authorities within the EU, and especially in the Nordics, on mutual understanding of rules and treatment of fintech companies.

We also proactively pursue cooperation with countries outside the EU. An example of this is the fintech bridge between Singapore and Denmark. The Danish FSA and the Monetary Authority of Singapore share knowledge and experience in the field, and can participate in strategic cooperation. The authorities can also refer fintech companies between countries and thereby probably help Danish fintech companies to get started in Singapore.

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The Danish FSA is also part of a Nordic/Baltic roundtable, focusing on fintech and PSD2.

Last updated 06-09-2019