The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority’s whistleblowing system.

General information on the Financial Supervisory Authority’s internal whistleblowing system

The internal whistleblowing system can be used by persons working for the Financial Supervisory Authority, which includes, among other things, collective bargaining employees, part-time and full-time employees and civil servants, volunteers, and paid and unpaid interns. 

You can use the scheme if you become aware of or suspect that violations in the form of serious misconduct are taking place here in the Financial Supervisory Authority. This may be, for example, information relating to criminal offences, non-compliance with legal obligations, danger to the safety of individuals and the like. 

General information on the Financial Supervisory Authority’s external whistleblowing system

The Financial Supervisory Authority’s whistleblowing systems include an internal and an external scheme.

The external whistleblowing system makes it possible for people with special ties to a financial company to report – via a special and anonymous channel – breaches or potential breaches of financial regulations by the financial entity, including banking institutions, payment institutions, insurance companies, pension companies, financial intermediaries, investment funds, alternative investment funds, etc. In addition, any other persons may also report violations of financial legislation.

The Financial Supervisory Authority’s external whistleblowing system also provides the ability to report on potential market abuse. Market abuse includes insider trading, improper disclosure of inside information and market manipulation under the Market Abuse Regulation.

Please note that you cannot use the scheme to report non-financial companies or citizens that you believe to have violated other laws such as tax and VAT laws or sell illegal products. Your report may be covered by the external whistleblowing system at the Data Protection Agency.