Guidance and handheld supervision

For many fintech entrepeneurs the first meeting with the financial regulation can be overwhelming. Thus, the fintech unit will help entrepeneurs understand and navigate in the financial legislation.

What can we do for you?

The fintech unit can provide guidance for companies who are unfamiliar with the financial legislation. For many fintech entrepeneurs, the financial legislation can be overwhelming, which is why the fintech unit is ready to help them understand the rules. We want to offer an extended guidance to fintech companies, making it easier to understand whether you are operating within the financial legislation, and if so, which parts and which license this might require. 

Specifically, we will focus on the fintech companies' business models and use of new technology. If the conclusion is that the products or services offered, falls within the scope of the financial legislation, the fintech unit can guide the company through the process of getting licensed. Getting licensed is a very formalised process, which can be challenging, especially for a start up company. Thus, a member of the fintech unit can assist the company through the process. This is what we call "handheld supervision". 

Guidance og Q&A

Companies are more than welcome to contact or meet the fintech unit to receive guidance about potential relevant financial legislation based on a complete business model and description of the proposed activities of the company. It is also possible to find information on our Q&A page, which will be updated regularly. 

Relevant publications

Most of our publications can be found in Danish on the Danish page regarding guidance and handheld supervision. Publications translated to English can be found here:

Statement: ICO's

Last updated 06-09-2019