Governing Board

The members of the governing board are appointed by the Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs. The board’s 7 members possess special competences in terms of practical and theoretical expert knowledge, including legal, economic and financial insight.

The governing board is tasked with approving the organisation of supervisory activities and laying down the strategic targets for the Danish FSA’s supervisory activities as well as making decisions in supervisory matters relating to principles and in supervisory matters which have significant and far-reaching consequences. Furthermore, the board approves executive orders and guidelines in areas where the Danish FSA is authorised to issue regulations.

Moreover, the board provides technical, organisational and managerial assistance to the management team of the Danish FSA and approves the annual report of the Danish FSA.

Publication of reactions (decisions etc.) and appearance before the board

Generally the board’s decisions and other reactions in supervisory matters are published on the Danish FSA’s website.

Financial entities and persons that are party to cases handled by the board may appear before the board and deliver a short verbal statement prior to the board’s decision.

Members of the board:

  • Nina Dietz Legind (Chairman), Professor, ph.d., Department of Law, University of Southern Denmark (SDU)
  • Marianne Rørslev Bock, CFO in Scandinavian Tobacco Group A/S
  • Peter E. Storgaard, Head of the Financial Stability department, Danmarks Nationalbank
  • Svein Andresen, Former General in the Financial Stability Board
  • Carsten Holdum, Former Consumer Economist in PFA and Chief Consultant in Forbrugerrådet TÆNK
  • Paul Brüniche-Olsen, Former Director in Lærernes Pension
  • Thomas Elholm, Professor, ph.d., Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen (KU)
  • Martin Tvede Zachariasen, Vice Chancellor, IT University of Copenhagen (ITU)
  • Steen Lohmann Poulsen, observator from the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs: Deputy Permanent Secretary
  • Carsten Nøddebo Rasmussen, Former Director in Realkredit Danmark
Last updated 19-09-2023