The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority’s Strategy 2025

The FSA's strategy towards 2025 has four key elements: 

  • a robust financial sector
  • a proper financial sector
  • supervision and rules that reflect the development of society
  • a professional and effective financial supervisory service. 

It is our job to contribute to a financial sector that is robust and proper. The financial sector is changing rapidly, and our work must reflect developments in society in general and the financial sector in particular. Finally, we must fulfil our duties efficiently and highly professionally. 

The FSA's vision remains unchanged: there must be justified confidence in the financial system. This vision is challenged every time something goes awry in the financial sector. This happened during the financial crisis, and it happened again in connection with the money laundering cases of recent years. Our vision therefore requires continuous vigilance. Although the challenges encountered differ in nature, our objective remains unchanged. Having a proper, robust financial sector is crucial to any society.

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Last updated 09-11-2021