Organizational Chart

Overview of the organization and divisions.

The divisions are referring to the Director General & Deputy Director Generals.

Governing Board

  • Internal Audit

Director General Louise Mogensen

  • Secretariat and HR
  • Management Secretariat

Deputy Director General Kristian Vie Madsen 

  • Economic Secretariat
  • Large Banks
  • Medium-sized Banks
  • Small Banks
  • Specialised and North Atlantic Banks
  • Mortgage Credit Institutions
  • International Market Contact, Liquidity and Capital

Deputy Director General Rikke-Louise Ørum Pedersen

  • Anti Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism
  • Consumer Protection
  • Legal Division
  • FinTech, Payments Services and Governance
  • Computer Services

Deputy Director General Carsten Brogaard

  • Life Assurance
  • Pension Funds
  • General Insurance and Reinsurance

Deputy Director General Karen Dortea Abelskov

  • Investor Protection
  • IT Security and DCIS
  • Capital Market Regulation
  • Capital Market Analysis
  • ESG Supervision
Last updated 15-05-2024