All EU-citizens has a right to a basic payment account

Published 14-03-2022

A basic payment account allows you to deposit money, withdraw cash and execute and receive payment transactions. The account can also be used as your public bank account in Denmark, a so called “NemKonto”.

All EU natural citizens have the right to a basic payment account. In Denmark banks must offer a basic payment account to all consumers with legal residence in a country within the EU or with residence in a country which the Union has entered into a financial agreement with.

However, a bank may refuse to set up a basic payment account if a consumer:

  • Cannot demonstrate a real interest in opening a basic payment account.
  • Already have a payment account in Denmark in another bank.
  • Has used the bank for a criminal act and the bank therefore wishes to prevent the consumer from abusing the right to have access to a basic payment account.
  • Has acted offensively or to the inconvenience of the bank's other customers or employees.
  • Will not disclose the information that the bank must obtain in order to comply with the Anti Money Laundering Act.

It is not a valid reason for a refusal if a customer does not reside in Denmark or does not have a Danish civil registration number.

As a basic payments account does not include credit facilities, a bank may not refuse to set up a basic payment account if the consumer does not want to provide information about debt or because the consumer is registered with a credit information agency as an indebted person.

Last updated 14-03-2022