Warning against Merbok LIMITED BANK

Published 17-12-2021

The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) warns against Merbok LIMITED Bank and its activities.

The Danish FSA warns against Merbok LIMITED Bank and its activities. Merbok LIMITED Bank claims to be under supervision of the Danish FSA and to have a banking licence issued from the Danish FSA. The Danish FSA has not issued a banking licence to Merbok LIMITED Bank.

Merbok LIMITED Bank allegedly offers an investment platform on its website, where users can open an account and trade financial instruments. 

Merbok LIMITED Bank claim to be associated with Saxo Bank A/S and use their CVR no. and licence no. from the Danish FSA. Merbok LIMITED Bank also use Saxo Bank A/S’s registration number from several foreign financial supervisory authorities. Merbok LIMITED Bank is not associated with Saxo Bank A/S. 

Merbok LIMITED Bank has the website https://www.merbokfx.com. 

The Danish FSA calls for caution when trading financial instruments, as there are an increasing number of companies trying to scam.

The Danish FSA's business register contains information on which companies are authorized to offer financial services in Denmark. The Danish FSA's website also contains information on identifying fraud companies and how to avoid them, under Avoid fraud.   

Last updated 17-12-2021