The Danish Insurance Association’s Insurance Agency Register

Link to The Danish Insurance Associations Insurance Agency Register (Danish) 

The Insurance Mediation Act (Act no. 362 of 19 May 2004) entered into force on 1 January 2005 and was amended most recently by Consolidated Act no. 817 of 14 July 2006 on insurance mediation. 

The Consolidated Insurance Mediation Act means that insurance companies and reinsurance companies that enter into an agreement with an undertaking or a management company on mediation of the insurance company's products must keep a publicly available register of these undertakings (insurance agencies and management companies).

Insurance agencies are not allowed to mediate insurance unless the insurance agency or the management company has been registered.

The Danish FSA has issued an Executive Order in pursuance of section 27(3) of the Insurance Mediation Act which allows the individual insurance company to enter into agreement with the Danish Insurance Association on keeping the register in question.

This register is available on the website of the Danish Insurance Association (

The register is updated every quarter.

The register includes the following information:

  • The name, address and central business register (CVR) number of each insurance company listed alphabetically and a list of every country in which the individual insurance company has entered into insurance-agency agreements with an undertaking or a management company (only countries within the European Union, or with which the Community has entered into an agreement for the financial area).
  • For each insurance company, is stated the name, address and possible central business register (CVR) number of the insurance agencies and management companies that have signed an agreement to mediate/sell the insurance company's products.
  • Moreover the name of the persons responsible for insurance mediation is stated for each insurance agency.

You can search by insurance company name in the Register.

Last updated 18-11-2013