Market developments for mortgage-credit institutions in 2015

Published 30-06-2016

Mortgage-credit institutions improved their results considerably in 2015. Profit before tax increased from DKK 8.7 bn. in 2014 to DKK 14.6 bn. in 2015.

This improvement is particularly attributable to increased net interest income, lower impairment charges, as well as improved income from associates and group undertakings.The increased net interest income is attributable to a rise in the administration margin- and equity earnings for mortgage-credit institutions. The increase in administration margin is due to the fact that, since 2008, the financial sector as a whole has become subject to more and stricter requirements, resulting in higher costs of capital. Furthermore, the increases also reflect initiatives by the mortgage-credit sector to provide customers with an incentive to choose loan types with longer funding.

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Last updated 30-06-2016