Notice regarding recent changes on the procedures for the publication of share classes of sub-funds of foreign UCITS on the homepage of the Danish FSA

i.e. notifications that are not subject to the Commission Regulation no. 584/2010 of 1 July 2010.

The Danish FSA has, until recently, published information regarding the sub-funds of the foreign UCITS market in Denmark as well as the respective share classes’ names and ISIN codes for each of the sub-funds. This information has been published on the Danish FSA Homepage.

Starting December 1st  2013 and going forward, the Danish FSA will no longer publish information regarding:

  • The different share classes.

Therefore, starting 1st December 2013 and going forward, foreign UCITS shall no longer inform the Danish FSA about:

  • Marketing of new share classes,
  • changing of the name of one of more share class(es),
  • merger or division of share classes, cessation of share classes, and
  • changes in ISIN or code numbers of share classes.

Please note that the Danish FSA still allows new share classes to be marketed in Denmark, but they will no longer be registered on the FSA homepage. The sub-funds of foreign UCITS will still be shown on the homepage of the Danish FSA.

Please be aware that information that is not subject to the notification procedure of Commission Regula-tion no. 584/2010 of 1 July 2010 is still required to be notified to the Danish FSA. Thus, the Danish FSA must still receive information regarding:

  • Changes of the name of sub-funds or the UCITS,
  • merger or division of sub-funds, cessation of sub-funds or of the UCITS in Denmark,
  • change of marketing scope and/or appointment of a Danish representative, and
  • changes in the address/registered office of the management company.
    The above mentioned notifications which are not subject to the notification procedure in Commission Regulation no. 584/2010 of 1 July 2010, will still be subject to the basic fee pursuant to Section 361(1)(29) of the Consolidated Financial Business Act no. 948 of 2 July 2013.

Kind regards,

Danish FSA