Fintech Forum

In order to raise understanding of the regulation of fintech and the use of new technology, both in the sector and in the Danish FSA, we have created the Fintech Forum. The Forum will consist of a wide range of sector representatives.



+45 33 55 84 00 (from 10-14)

The purpose is to establish an informal forum, where the Danish FSA and the sector can discuss developments in the area of fintech. This may include discussions on how the Danish FSA will support the fintech environment within the scope of the regulation. The Fintech Forum can also identify unintended consequences of regulation that prevent or complicate the use of new technologies in the financial sector.

Finally, the Danish FSA will use the Forum to gather knowledge and experience from the sector on fintech issues.

Representatives nominated to the forum, will participate for a period of one year at a time. The Fintech Forum will meet three times annually and the inaugural meeting takes place early December 2017.

The first meeting in the Fintech Forum took place on the 7th of December 2017. The meeting participants were in general very supportive of the initiative, and there was a prevalent wish to establish a good relation between the Danish FSA and the Fintech companies. On the bottom of this page a report from the meeting, presentations, a list of meeting participants and a list of members of the forum can be found in Danish. The next meeting in the Fintech Forum will be held on the 6th of April 2018.

The documents are only availble in Danish.