General good conditions for non-life insurance

As of 1 January 2019 it is mandatory for all non-life insurance undertakings (reinsurance undertakings excluded) with their head office in the EU/EEA that carry out insurance business either by establishment of a branch or by freedom to provide services in Denmark to join the Danish Guarantee Fund for Non-life Insurers by paying an entrance fee to the Fund. Information about the Fund and membership can be found on the Fund’s website.

Class 8

In regards to fire insurance of buildings (class 8) minimum conditions apply in Denmark in order to protect the pledge (Executive Order No. 856 of 21 October 2002).

Insurance companies underwriting fire insurance in Denmark are required by law to collect an annual fee of DKK 60 per fire insurance policy (from 1 July 2021 reduced to DKK 40). This sum covers the cost of a compensation scheme for storm surge, flooding from waterways and lakes and windfalls. The scheme is administered by a Flood and Windstorm Council assisted by the insurance companies. More information can be found on the Storm Council’s website. 

Class 10 

It is a condition for operating on a services basis within class 10 (Motor vehicles liability) that the company fulfils the conditions in Art. 12 of a Directive 88/35/EEC inserted by Art. 6 of Directive 90/618/EEC.

That means, inter alia, that the company must become a member of and participate in the financing of the national bureau and the national guarantee fund in Denmark, cf. Art. 12a, 2.

In Denmark the national bureau (the green card bureau) and the guarantee fund are one and the same body named Dansk Forening for International Motorkøretøjsforsikring (Danish Motor Insurers' Bureau). Its address is Amaliegade 10, DK – 1256 Copenhagen K.

It is also a condition that the company appoints a (claim) Representative, cf. the rules in Art. 12 a, 4.

Third party motor liability insurance is a compulsory insurance in Denmark. Therefore, the cover of risks classified under class 10 is subject to specific rules and it is therefore necessary for the company to make a notification to SKAT, the Central Register for Motor Vehicles, Helgeshøj Allé, DK-2639, Taastrup.

The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority must emphasize that the above-mentioned requirements must be fulfilled before the company can begin to operate on a service basis within class 10 in Denmark.

Class 13

Liability insurance for injury or damage caused by dogs is a compulsory insurance in Denmark (Executive Order No. 485 of 25 September 1984 – only available in Danish).

If an insurance company wants to cover this type of risk – classified under class 13 – it is obliged to be a member of the association: "Foreningen af forsikringsselskaber til overtagelse af lovpligtig ansvarsforsikring for hunde". The address of this association is Amaliegade 10, DK – 1256 Copenhagen K. The insurance and the membership of the association include a special compulsory guarantee arrangement for injury or damage caused by unknown and uninsured dogs.

Other compulsory insurances in Denmark:

  • Liability insurance for injury or damage caused by nuclear installations.
  • Lawyers' liability insurance.
  • Auditors' liability insurance. 
  • Liability for injury or damage caused by hunting. The general and specific conditions of this insurance have to be forwarded to: Miljøministeriet (Ministry of environmental affairs), Højbro Plads 4, DK – 1200 Copenhagen K, before being circulated.
  • Patients' insurance (hospitals).
  • Aircraft liability insurance.
  • Liability insurance for injury or damage caused by horses.

This list is not exhaustive.