Payment to the DFSA

Fees 2020.


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Undertakings under the supervision of the Danish FSA pay fees to cover the cost of the supervision work and general operation of the Danish FSA . The fees are collected at the end of each year. In December undertakings will receive invoices covering the cost of supervision during the year.

The total budget of the Danish FSA is given annually as an appropriation in the Danish Finance Act, the Danish FSA being under section 08.23.01.

2020 fees issued on December 17.

In 2020, the fee collection will be issued a little later than usual. The delay in relation to the normal collection time in the beginning of December is necessary because the final size of the appropriation for 2020 is not confirmed until December 17.

Who pays what?

Several types of undertakings pay a fixed fee, while others pay a proportional fee based on company size, balance sheet, gross premiums, etc.

Fixed fee 
Undertakings that pay a fixed fee include reinsurance brokers, investment advisers, securities dealers, financial holding companies and some foreign investment undertakings.

When a company asks for a prospectus to be approved by the FSA, it generates a fixed fee. A notification or application on cross-border marketing of units in investment undertakings also generates a fee.

Section 361(1) of the Financial Business Act lists all the fixed fees collectable by the Danish FSA. The fixed fees are stated at the 2016 level. These amounts are adjusted annually, equivalent to the change in the appropriation to the Danish FSA in each year's Finance Act.

The changes in the appropriation since 2016 can be seen here


Appropriation(mio. kr.)


2016 302,0 100,0
2017 336,7 111,5
 2018   348,8   115,5 
2019  404,5  133,94 
 2020 404,8 134,04

Proportional fee 

Undertakings that pay a proportional fee include banks and mortgage institutions, insurance companies, pension funds, investment associations and insurance broker companies. All types of undertakings that pay a proportional fee are listed in sections 362-367 of the Financial Business Act. 

Frequently asked questions about fees

Should I still pay the fee when the undertaking closed in the spring?
Yes, according to section 368(2), the undertaking has to pay the full fee, even though it has only been under supervision for part of the year.
Yes, according to section 368(2), the undertaking has to pay the full fee, even though it has only been under supervision for part of the year.
Yes, it is the request for approval of a prospectus (and the processing) that triggers the fee.
If the undertaking has activities that are covered by several sections of the Financial Business Act, we issue a separate invoice for each section.
If the fee is still not paid after the end of the dunning procedure, the demand will be transferred to the Danish Tax and Customs Administration.